Advertising – consistency is key

Advertising - consistency is key

Let’s talk about advertising. How consistent is yours? We all know how important it is to give customers a consistent brand experience; I’ve talked about it before. But consistency is also important when you’re attracting new customers to your business. And that means advertising frequently. You need a set monthly advertising budget and clear and Read More >>

Managing negative customer feedback

Managing negative customer feedback

An old employer once told me to never respond to a negative review unless I was able to own the situation and fix the issue. A negative review of your business can feel personal. You’ve worked hard to deliver your product or service, but somehow, somewhere along the line, something’s gone awry. Maybe the complaint Read More >>

Are business cards still relevant? Five business card pointers for the digital age

Are business cards still relevant

Even though we live and work in the digital age of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, the good old-fashioned business card is far from out-dated. These little snippets of your brand are still essential marketing tools. When you’re networking, the humble business card is a personal and professional marketing must-have. It’s often the first time a Read More >>

Are you planning for success this year?

Are you planning for success this year?

With the Festive Season over, many small business owners have turned their attention to 2015 business goals. Are you on track to meet your business goals? To stay competitive it’s important to plan ahead, explore new opportunities and markets but it all begins with understanding where you are right now.   Now is the perfect time Read More >>

The secrets to success: growing a small business

The secrets to success growing a small business

Some businesses are small, and want to remain that way. Others have loftier ambitions for growth – which is great, but only if you’re prepared for it. Many small-to-medium businesses try to mirror their larger counterparts, but this isn’t always the best path to growth. While you can learn from your competitors, what’s important is Read More >>

Decking the halls: Is your business ready for Christmas?

Decking the halls Is your business ready for Christmas

The Christmas season is drawing ever closer and with it comes an avalanche of marketing, advertising, flyers, newsletters, emails, promotions, catalogues and jingles. For small children, this is the most exciting time of year. For small business owners, it might feel like you have no chance of competing. But with a bit of planning, you Read More >>

Five practical tips to earn (and keep) your customers’ loyalty

You probably know that paying lots of attention to your existing customers is equally (if not more) important than getting new ones. But if you think about it, these two client bases actually feed off each other. A 2014 Westpac study found that the top way (50%) Australians show support for small businesses is recommending them Read More >>

Starting a business with a friend? Six things to consider

You’ve got big ideas, lots of enthusiasm and a friend who shares it all with you. Whether you’ve been mulling over the idea together for years, or you’ve pieced it all together in one particularly stimulating night at the pub, starting a business with a friend is worth some careful consideration. It’s a bit like Read More >>

Seven ways to shift your business from survive… to thrive

Launching a new business is exciting – you’re passionate about what you’re doing, clients are excited about your new product, and you’re living on adrenalin. But what happens when, a few years later, your small business is chugging along but not really living up to your dreams? Have you become too caught up in its Read More >>

4 steps to turn your idea into a business

4 steps to turn your idea into a business

In our last post, we looked at 5 steps to test your business idea. But how do you now turn that brainwave into a business? Here are 4 steps to get you started: 1.  Find your market  There’s no point launching a product or service if no one needs it, wants it or can find Read More >>