Cut through the clutter, make your message heard

Cut through the clutter, make your message heard

There’s so much noise in the business world. Everyone wants to be heard, and at the same time consumers are becoming savvier – and more immune to the old tricks of advertising and marketing. So as a business owner, how do you stand out from the crowd and make sure your message resonates with the Read More >>

Seven ways to shift your business from survive… to thrive

Launching a new business is exciting – you’re passionate about what you’re doing, clients are excited about your new product, and you’re living on adrenalin. But what happens when, a few years later, your small business is chugging along but not really living up to your dreams? Have you become too caught up in its Read More >>

Small business survival


I was walking in my local area the other day when I noticed a business had closed down after 30 years. I thought back to my childhood, when we used to visit that business as a family. It made me question why some businesses survive and others don’t. This particular business hadn’t changed much in Read More >>