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Events Made EasyIn our increasingly digital world, isn’t it nice to actually meet your customers and clients in person? Business events are a great way to build personal relationships and stand out from your competitors, but make sure you pay attention to every detail.

That’s what makes the difference between an event that excites, and an event that fails to ignite.

There are many simple ways to connect with your clients and your staff, and you don’t need a big event budget, PR agency or a top-end party planner to make a splash.  But you do need a variety of skills to stage a successful function that meets business objectives and also delivers within budget.  That’s where an enthusiastic and creative Event Manager can help you. One who adapts easily to deadlines and budget challenges, and takes care of the smallest details.  

An Event Manager can select the venue, catering, entertainers, equipment hire and professional speakers, and manage the themes and decor, staging and lighting, audiovisual equipment, photography, media exposure, invitations and promotional material, gifts and parking – all within budget constraints!

Once, I was even responsible for the weather.  We had booked premium seats at an outdoor concert and had VIPs flying in from around the country. The weather forecast was terrible, and after an unsuccessful attempt to contact the event organiser at the venue I quickly moved to Plan B. If the concert was cancelled due to bad weather, our guests would still enjoy a nice dinner.  Luckily the rain stopped just at the right time and the concert went ahead as planned. 

Here are a few other ways an event could put your business in the spotlight…

Launch your product

Give your best clients first access to your new product, service, book or samples and create loyalty. Why not take your product launch to an unusual location, and include food and drinks with a theme or interesting twist.  Send out a teaser mailing to a select group of clients and invite them to be the first to review the product or service.  Offer them an incentive to buy at the event, include a presentation and take them through the product journey. 

Make sure you have your products on display and allow your clients to experience them – there’s nothing worse than a product that can only been seen through packaging.  If you are launching a book you could give away signed copies, and if you have other books in the series make them available for sale on the day or night.

Organise a conference

A lot of work goes into planning a conference, including venues, food and drink, speakers and the all-important agenda. But it can make a huge difference to your business growth. Taking your staff offsite for focused planning and development means there are no interruptions, no phone calls and no email.  Best of all, agreeing on your vision and strategy means everyone has a responsibility to make it happen, and you have the chance to build better collaboration within your team.

Would you like to add some excitement to your conference?  Why not theme one of your dinners? As just one example, decorating the venue and asking your staff to step into character at a medieval banquet could get the creative energy flowing.   Alternatively, if you’d like to position your business as a leader in your sector, why not organise a one-day training event or networking event? It’s a great way to build your own network too.

Plan the perfect exhibition display

Events made easy2Industry trade shows are an important event on the business calendar, and the ideal place to showcase your product or service, and generate leads.  You also get the opportunity to meet with decision makers in your industry, competitors and network with like-minded business people. 

Make sure you plan well in advance, from stand design and build, to getting the most from your sponsorship with program ads or showbag flyers.  Make sure your customers know you’ll be there. Send them a special invitation, and offer them complementary tickets or a gift if they pop by to say hello.  Train your staff and ensure you have the right people on the stand.  Importantly, develop your processes so you are ready to follow up on your hot leads. 

Otherwise you’ll miss the main opportunity of the exhibition, as a friend recently found.  He’d run a successful trade show booth and collected lots of business cards, but once he got back to work and caught up on everything he’d missed, the task of entering all those leads onto a database and qualifying them seemed too big. And he kept putting it off. Unsurprisingly, his investment into the event didn’t really pay off.

Corporate entertainment

Entertaining your business customers or prospects is a perfect way to create loyalty and build stronger business relationships.  People do business with people they like, and taking your customers away from the office lets them get to know you personally. 

There are so many ways to say thank you, or celebrate a special occasion.  Book a corporate box at a sporting venue, or premium seats at a theatre. Consider a pre or post-concert dinner, or even a group getaway with dinner, sightseeing and accommodation.  Why not consider a family day?  Purchase tickets to the zoo, or book out a theatre for a children’s movie release – throw in the popcorn, drinks or choc tops and the kids will be talking about you for a long time.    

There are many other ways your business can make a splash, and stand out from the competition. 

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