Cut through the clutter, make your message heard

There’s so much noise in the business world. Everyone wants to be heard, and at the same time consumers are becoming savvier – and more immune to the old tricks of advertising and marketing. So as a business owner, how do you stand out from the crowd and make sure your message resonates with the Read More >>

Be eventful: choosing the best business events to attend

Events are big business. Just last year, 37 million people attended events across Australia. And while today there are more ways than ever to engage with customers, suppliers, and industry experts (think email, social media, apps, blogs, online communities, and webinars), business events are still as popular as ever. But why should we go to Read More >>

Four ways to build your reputation as a thought leader

In my previous blog, I talked about media releases. Done well, they’re a useful tool to get free publicity for your business. But there are other channels that are equally as effective (if not more so) if you want to be recognised as an expert in your field. Here are four new ways to share Read More >>

Are business cards still relevant? Five business card pointers for the digital age

Even though we live and work in the digital age of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, the good old-fashioned business card is far from out-dated. These little snippets of your brand are still essential marketing tools. When you’re networking, the humble business card is a personal and professional marketing must-have. It’s often the first time a Read More >>

Tips for customer loyalty

“Revolve your world around the customer and more customers will revolve around you,”  Heather Williams. We all know it’s easier to keep your existing customers than to spend time and money finding new ones. Loyal customers are valuable for many reasons – and not just for the dollars they spend. They are your best advocates, Read More >>

Be consistent – everywhere, every time

I was fascinated to see a discussion pop on a LinkedIn group recently: ‘What’s worse, a consistently poor brand experience, or an inconsistent brand experience?’ My immediate thought was, obviously, a poor experience is worse. Yet it seems, from the comments, some people are willing to choose a potentially poor experience as long as they Read More >>

How to be a content king

They say content is king. And it’s true! In the digital world, the major players are those who spark conversation, have a voice and build a loyal following. Do that and your business is bound to blossom. Why? Because when you create fresh content, the search engines love it. They reward your website with a Read More >>

6 steps to create fast, fresh and fabulous content

There’s a saying that content is king. And it’s true. Savvy consumers now jump online to read reviews, skim articles and get answers to their questions. They read, review, compare and then buy based on their research. What does this mean for your business?  It means your website isn’t enough. You also need to create Read More >>