Create experiences to supercharge your marketing plan

You’ve worked hard on your marketing plan – planning, measuring and tracking your results until you found out what worked. You’ve got a steady stream of prospects each week and you’re converting many of them into clients. Well done! It’s easy to get complacent, but don’t sit back and relax just yet. A marketing plan Read More >>

Moving your business to a new site

When I was young, my mother used to get her hair done at the local hairdresser down the street. She’d always come home looking radiant, and not just because she’d just spent half an hour under the hair dryer. A trip to the hairdresser was a social event, and she reveled in the chance to Read More >>

Five practical tips to earn (and keep) your customers’ loyalty

You probably know that paying lots of attention to your existing customers is equally (if not more) important than getting new ones. But if you think about it, these two client bases actually feed off each other. A 2014 Westpac study found that the top way (50%) Australians show support for small businesses is recommending them Read More >>

Seven ways to shift your business from survive… to thrive

Launching a new business is exciting – you’re passionate about what you’re doing, clients are excited about your new product, and you’re living on adrenalin. But what happens when, a few years later, your small business is chugging along but not really living up to your dreams? Have you become too caught up in its Read More >>

5 ways to empower your team

Whether you have a team of employees, or rely on a network of supply partners to get things done for your customers, you need to empower them to help you actively grow your business. Small business owners often tell me the hardest thing is finding the right people. But I’d like to challenge that assumption. Read More >>

6 tips to know your industry inside out

Do you know what’s hot and what’s not in your industry? Having a finger on the pulse keeps you ahead of the game – and helps you give customers what they need before someone else gets there. Here are 6 easy ways to stay in the loop: 1.Set up Google Alerts Go to and create Read More >>

Four ways to get ready for business growth

Business growth is great, right?  Only if you’re prepared for it. Skyrocketing sales and surprising success sounds wonderful in theory, but it can be risky and overwhelming for the unsuspecting business owner. Risky because you may have to quickly add more staff, more stock, more outlets, more equipment – with all the additional costs that Read More >>

When should you sell your business?

For many people, their business is their ‘baby’. They spend years nurturing it and watching it grow, before selling it and sending it off into the world. But how do you know when it’s the right time to sell your business? And what if you don’t have kids to leave it to – or aren’t Read More >>

Regain your motivation mojo

Remember that feeling you had when you first started your business? The exhilaration of finally taking control of your life and following your dream, the passion you felt for your big idea, the vision of success just around the corner? Are you ready to regain your motivation mojo? If you’ve been in business for a Read More >>

Last minute advertising.

Nothing creates action like a deadline. And what’s the most important deadline in our consumer-driven calendar?  Christmas.   I’m not just talking about retailers, this applies to all businesses. Christmas also marks the end of the year, the highpoint of summer, the ultimate party season – and last minute advertising is important to keep your stock Read More >>