6 tips to stay motivated in business – and refresh your focus

Not much has changed in the past few years.  You’re stuck in a rut, repeating your routine, doing the same thing week in, week out.  You’re so busy with these tedious tasks that you rarely find time to innovate, create, learn something new, or take a work break. Then the negative thoughts start to set Read More >>

Is it possible to get more done in a day?

Do you ever have days when there just never seems to be enough hours to get it all done – yet at the end of the day you’re not quite sure how productive your time really was? When you’re running a small business, and especially a start-up, you typically take everything on. All at once. Read More >>

5 ways to empower your team

Whether you have a team of employees, or rely on a network of supply partners to get things done for your customers, you need to empower them to help you actively grow your business. Small business owners often tell me the hardest thing is finding the right people. But I’d like to challenge that assumption. Read More >>

How to stop procrastinating and start succeeding

We all procrastinate, putting things off until tomorrow, then the next day, then the next.  But if you’re avoiding important tasks and missing deadlines, your productivity and business can suffer. That sounds serious.  So if there’s something you’ve been avoiding (and you can’t simply outsource it), what can you do? Try these tips: 1. Stick Read More >>

The power of positive thinking in business

Let’s be honest: building a business isn’t easy. So it’s important to be resilient and stay positive as you navigate the challenges you’re likely to encounter along the way. When you take the glass half-full approach, your mentality and your business benefit in profound ways. An optimistic outlook may also help you boost your decision-making Read More >>