Be eventful: choosing the best business events to attend

Events are big business. Just last year, 37 million people attended events across Australia. And while today there are more ways than ever to engage with customers, suppliers, and industry experts (think email, social media, apps, blogs, online communities, and webinars), business events are still as popular as ever. But why should we go to Read More >>

Your first trade show, in three simple steps

Have you ever exhibited at a trade show? It can be a great marketing tool – mainly as you’re connecting with the right people in the right environment. People who go to trade shows are serious about doing business, and they’re ready to talk about it then and there. In fact, closing a deal from Read More >>

5 Event Planning Tips

Events are a great way of engaging with your customers as well as prospective customers. They can create brand awareness and raise your profile in your industry. Running an event is also a perfect way to create loyalty and build stronger business relationships. There are so many ways to create loyalty, say thank you, or Read More >>

Top tips for trade show success

Australia hosts hundreds of trade shows each year – covering topics as diverse as travel, health, home improvements, technology and even scrapbooking. But are trade shows right for your business? And how will you know if it’s working for you? When I ask my clients why they attend trade shows, the answer is often “Because Read More >>

Event Marketing

A guide to the subtle and seriously powerful art of event marketing Right now it feels like everyone is talking about social media and digital marketing. So I want to remind you of a more personal, face-to-face approach to growing your customer base. Event marketing. As a promotional strategy, event marketing is still everywhere. It’s Read More >>