Be eventful: choosing the best business events to attend

Be eventful choosing the best business events to attend

Events are big business. Just last year, 37 million people attended events across Australia.

And while today there are more ways than ever to engage with customers, suppliers, and industry experts (think email, social media, apps, blogs, online communities, and webinars), business events are still as popular as ever.

But why should we go to the effort and expense of attending events?



Events make good business sense 

In the digital age, live events might seem outdated or unnecessary. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Think about the interactions you have with people every day, out in the world. An exchange with a stranger turns into a successful referral partnership. Or bumping into an old colleague or friend presents a new and exciting business opportunity. These authentic interactions are unlikely to happen online.

Attending events can have the same effect. This face-to-face strategy can be a powerful tool to connect personally with prospects, improve customer relationships, generate referrals, increase sales, build your brand, reinforce your reputation, create community awareness, and broaden industry connections.

That being said, not every event will suit your business or industry. So before investing too much time, energy, and expense, consider these top tips for choosing the best events for your business:

  1. Theme. Is the event appropriate to your business and industry? Does it align with your business goals?
  1. Attendees. Is the target audience attending relevant to your business? Can you connect with them, either in a sales or a networking sense?
  1. Date and venue. When and where the event is staged can greatly impact its success – and yours by attending. Does the day and time suit you and the other attendees? Is it competing with any other events for the same audience? Is the location central and easy to access, with plenty of parking or public transport?
  1. Speakers. Are the guest speakers considered experts in their respective fields, or influential enough to attract a large crowd? Will you get value from their presentations? What will you learn?
  1. Cost. Will you get a return on your investment? If you’re planning to sponsor or advertise at the event, do the sums so you don’t lose too much money.
  1. Event organiser’s track record. Research the event organisers. Are they recognised in the industry and do they have a good reputation?  How have they marketed the event?  How do previous participants rate its performance? Does it use the latest event technology and approaches?

Do you attend events, and find them beneficial for your business? Let us know in the comments below!

If you are running your own Event click here to download our Events Checklist.



  1. Ah, very good post. There are so many events out there and one couldn’t possibly attend them all. This is great advice about narrowing the field to just the ones that will benefit you the most. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So many events, so little time! There are so many events I wish I could attend. This is a great list to help scale that down to the ones that are most relevant.

  3. Excellent post! I attend many events locally as there are several for small businesses to help them get started and grow and my business is internet marketing so I can get some great contacts from them.

    There are others I would love to attend but distance and cost are major factors as you said.

    • Vicky Savellis-Grant says

      Agree Suzii events are a great way to network and generate leads for your business. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I am doing this planning now for my 2016 conferences, events and vacation. I have several conferences that I really love to attend and gain so much from, but my budget and available time doesn’t allow for them all. Have to make decisions and get the dates set!

  5. How timely! I’m planning a women’s conference next year in Key Largo. I will definitely keep these tips in mind. Thanks, Vicky!

  6. Thanks Vicky, for a good post. And I believe it is very god to attend business events every now and then, to network and to broaden your mind and perspective.

  7. Just before I read this post I registered for an event happening in 2 weeks. I haven’t networked much with my business so I’m looking forward to it, especially since they will be having a session on beehive marketing. Have you heard of it?

  8. I think it’s so easy to have fear of missing out on these kinds of things so I totally agree it’s best to make sure you research to make sure you get the best bang for your buck and that your leader is documented.

  9. I SO selective of events that I attend, as a business owner who is also a mom! I want to make sure if I’m leaving behind my kiddos that I attend something that is of significant value and that the timing works for my family. I love all of your tips and absolutely take those into consideration- especially the speakers. Wonderful article!!!

  10. Often I would love to be a vendor at large womens conferences but the entry fees are exorbitant. I’ve attended a few to try to determine if it wpuld be a good fit but did not find exhibitors willing to share all.

    • Vicky Savellis-Grant says

      That’s interesting. I’ve had some clients share a stand for eg jewellery and bags, and that worked really well… they just need to complement each other. Thanks for sharing Roslyn.

  11. Conferences are great. I concur with you on choosing something that aligns with your business. There are so many of them now, the cost ads up if you attend them just to network. Great post

  12. As a consultant working from home now, I find myself looking for ways to meet face-face. It’s a good idea to evaluate which ones to invest in, though. Thanks for the refresher.

  13. Events are a great place (like networking) to meet a TON of people all in one place, though it can be overwhelming, so we need to be sure to utilize our time at these well.

  14. Live events are wonderful to finally put a face to the person you’ve been dealing with online. It can be overwhelming and costly if you don’t pick the ones aligned with your business.

    • Vicky Savellis-Grant says

      Lots of fun to meet face to face but can be costly if it’s not the right event for your business. Thank you Webly.

  15. Great write-up and considerations to think about when attending and/or hosting a placement at an event. 🙂

  16. Erika Kalmar says

    Great advice! I used to attend every event I got hold of. Then after a while I did a serious evaluation on the ROI they brought me and was shocked to see that most of them were not worth going to at all! Since then I always keep checking upfront – “what’s in it for me”.

  17. So important to do your due diligence when it comes to deciding whether an event is right for you.

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