Create experiences to supercharge your marketing plan

Create experiences to supercharge your marketing planYou’ve worked hard on your marketing plan – planning, measuring and tracking your results until you found out what worked. You’ve got a steady stream of prospects each week and you’re converting many of them into clients. Well done!

It’s easy to get complacent, but don’t sit back and relax just yet. A marketing plan that gets results is not a license to sit still.

Now that things are under control and chugging along nicely, it’s time to think about how you’ll sustain your growth.

How will you make sure those customers keep coming back?

Market for the future

Marketing is about building audiences and creating experiences that make you stand out from the competition. According to new book Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing, the marketing world is entering a new life stage at the moment. Abandoning the idea that relationships are the be all and end all, marketing professionals are focusing on creating rich, engaging experiences for their customers.

So what can you do, as a small business, to keep up?

Well, it’s a bit of the old – staying involved with your customers to keep them interested and engaged – and a bit of the new. In this tech-heavy world, for example, it’s a must that your online marketing – whether through emails, blog posts or social media – is mobile-friendly.

But think beyond the relationship model. If you were your own customer, what would make your business more memorable? What would keep you coming back? Perhaps an opportunity to learn something new? Big brands are doing that by providing free content for their customers. You can do it by sharing relevant content on social media.

Above all, remember your customers. Even the most loyal can be quick to find a better deal elsewhere. It’s all about making sure their experience of your brand continues to add value for them.

Plan, plan, plan

Even when you’re seeing growth in your business, you should never stop planning ahead and setting new goals.

Regularly review your progress, identify how you can make the most of the market position you’ve established and think about what your business’s next step will be.

Today’s market conditions do not only continually change – they change at a rapid, ever increasing pace. The plan that worked for you today may not do so well a few months from now.

Put in place systems to sustain growth

You can have all the groundbreaking strategy in the world, but it can only get you so far if you don’t have the technology or expertise to run your business efficiently.

Whether it’s a CRM system, quality control or training procedures, investing time and money in the right systems for your business will get you results immediately, and pay off in the long term.

Make sure you and your team is well-equipped to handle your growth, achieve your new goals, and keep creating those experiences that keep your customers coming back. To foster the online experiences that audiences take for granted, you might need to up your tech savvy, for example. Assess your capabilities, and consider investing in training courses that will power your business in the long run.

What strategies do you have in place to ensure future business growth? And how do you create memorable experiences that draw audiences and keep your customers engaged?

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  1. I like approaching marketing from a perspective of being my own customer. It works to stimulate ideas and continuously look to improve.

  2. Great idea to market as if you were the customer. Taking the time to discover what you would expect from your business is a good way to give your customers what they need and expect & keep them coming back. Also, planning for growth is important. What if your growth is quick and you don’t have a plan on what’s next you will come to a complete standstill and that may lose customers.

  3. I’m with Mike and Roz — great approach to look at your business from the perspective of your customer. I’m intrigued by the notion of giving people experiences. Hmm. Will have to put on my thinking cap for that one. Rich and engaging, I get…but experiences? Maybe rich and engaging is enough! Thanks for the new information, Vicky.

  4. Some great ideas here, Vicky. I’m still in the beginning stages of my business and my marketing, but having a plan for the future is invaluable.

  5. Your article made me think of something I like to do in course design and maintenance – and that is to keep the content updated throughout the life of the course. Students (or customers) appreciate that you revisit the content and revise it based on their feedback and the feedback of others who are close to the topic. You tend to get more word-of-mouth referrals for future enrollments when you keep things fresh.

  6. Ditto. Envisioning how your customer sees things boosts your marketing efforts. Great post.

  7. Lorii Abela says

    The value of supercharging your marketing plan cannot be overemphasized. By its context, it speaks for a logical sequence and a series of business activities. Having it organized thoroughly, it would lead to the setting of marketing objectives as well as the plan’s formulation in order to achieve it. Thanks, Vicky, for your valuable tips!

  8. I love this article! Keeping in touch with older clients and maintaining that relationship to be there when they need something is critical. It’s not always easy, but it can be done.

  9. I love the point about building the relationship with your customer. In this online world, it’s very easy to switch our customers off unintentionally and lose them And we forget building our sales pipeline at our peril.

  10. Marketing experience. Customer relationships. The ‘ol chicken and the egg: which comes first?

    My take here is, yes. imagineer those experiences. But we won’t close deals unless the relationship happens.

  11. So true Vicky, it isn’t about just doing the work but to have goals and plan for them. Not only that.. but to reevaluate on a regular basis as well as the future changes things!

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