5 ways to empower your team

Community_circleWhether you have a team of employees, or rely on a network of supply partners to get things done for your customers, you need to empower them to help you actively grow your business.

Small business owners often tell me the hardest thing is finding the right people. But I’d like to challenge that assumption. Good people are out there – what they need is a great leader, someone who will take the time to train them, give them the opportunity to develop their abilities and shows confidence in their skills.

Do this, and your business benefits in profound ways. Your team starts to take initiative, take ownership of new ideas, work together towards a unified vision. Your vision.

Empowered teams also don’t need mico-managing. So by investing some time upfront, you’ll save valuable time in the long term.

Of course, running a business doesn’t automatically make you a great leader. So what qualities do you need to nurture yourself, so you can better manage your team to produce outstanding results?

Bring in the right people

To identify the right person, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. Define the role clearly. What qualifications, skills and experience do they really need? What is essential, and what can they learn as they go? Don’t expect a cloned version of yourself – because there’s a good chance that if your doppleganger exists, they’re already running the competition!

Invest time and energy in training

Are most of your business processes and systems inside your head? It’s time to share them. This takes time, but if you can document everything you will also find it easier to delegate specific tasks when you’re ready to let go.

Training isn’t limited to the first week on the job. Commit some budget to ongoing personal development, for you and your team. Send them to a relevant conference or workshop to hone their skills or network – it will add value to your business and keep them motivated.

Help them see the bigger picture

Do you have a clear vision for your business? What are your core business values? These are good things to know as you develop a strong business culture, and are also fundamental to your business strategy. You need to trust your team by sharing your vision, taking them on the journey with you and letting them contribute their own ideas to making it a reality. This is what inspiring leaders do instinctively.

Communicate one-on-one

The best business leaders still manage to have a personal relationship with their teams – even if those teams number hundreds of people. Create opportunities for direct and open communication, acknowledge new ideas and encourage people to explore them further.

Be clear on targets

It’s great to promote collaboration and initiative. But you still need to make sure people are meeting their core expectations. Empowered teams are also accountable teams – be clear about their measurable KPIs and be quick to identify any potential issues, while still recognising where they’ve gone above and beyond.

What do you think? Is empowering your team important for your success? Share your ideas with us!



  1. Empower them! I agree however it’s a risky thing how much and with what!! Great article. Lots to think about!! Great job! P

  2. I totally agree with you. Taking the time to empower your team through development and training will have a great positive impact on any business. There are 4 philosophies I like to tell my clients all the time, if you take the time to take care of your clients/customers, develop your employees and your product then your profits will certainly come! Great post!

  3. Nice Post

  4. Great post! It is SO important to continuously work on building your Team! Being a leader (cheerleader!) has proved time and time again to be invaluable! When you have happy staff members you really do see a difference in their work, and the overall vibe of the working environment! Thanks for sharing!

  5. My favorite portion of your article is about communicating one-on-one. It is so important for people to feel that they are being valued and that is one way to do it.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly with empowering the team. Sure it can be seen in the eyes of “risky”, but how else is one to grow if we are not in the process of creating leaders?

  7. I truly believe you should invest the time to make your people that much better! Empowerment, one-on-one conversations, proper training, whatever it is, you have to be willing to take the time to give your people the tools not only to grow themselves as employees but eventually the company.

  8. Share and empower your team and your business will go through the roof. We were not meant to be an island and work alone… great post!

  9. Great list and especially with the communication aspect. So many times that is the major weak link.

  10. The worst feeling in the world as an employee is feeling as though you really don’t matter. If more companies would invest in great leadership training so every person feels significant, I truly believe everyone would benefit.

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